Incorporating Storage In Your Bathroom Design


A bathroom design that is effective can help to inspire you in the morning, while providing an environment that is relaxing at the end of a long, hard day. This kind of a design is one that must be a perfect mix of substance and style, as well as one that can create a space to express your own personality and provide a space that is organized enough to enable you to get ready.


Storage, in addition to choosing the perfect shower enclosure, tile, and other similar features, is the main key to maximize all of the benefits regarding the renovation of your bathroom. Thanks to the many different options that are available, every accessory will be able to have its own proper place, thereby ensuring that your bathroom will be completely free of any and all clutter.


Begin by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Who will be using the bathroom?
  • What specific items will need to be stored in the space?
  • How big will the bathroom itself actually be?


When you are able to effectively answer these questions, you will be able to determine your overall requirements, as well as find the most acceptable storage solution. Always make sure you ask for special discounts when contacting companies for your bathroom renovation. They may be able to provide you with some kind of a deal which could help save you a couple hundred dollars. Here are some options that you should consider utilizing for your own space.



A majority of bathroom remodeling projects typically incorporate some sort of vanity. There are many different sizes and styles that can fit virtually any bathroom. If you have a powder room, consider installing a vanity that is small, yet stylish similar to the one photographed here.


This is perfect for making extra soap and hand towels readily available for your guests. Larger bathrooms, however, will be able to hold bigger vanities, which work wonders for organizing and keeping toiletries hidden away that you may not want to have seen. Additionally, these types of vanities also include a combination of open and closed storage spaces, which allow for some items to be displayed.


Furthermore, when you vary levels in your vanity regardless of the size, you are essentially allowing yourself to maximize the amount of storage space that you have available, as well as create more dimension in the design itself.


Vertical Space

Your walls also contain an additional amount of valuable storage space. Furthermore, they can add another visual layer to your design itself. For example, utilizing built-in wall shelves or wall-mounted shelves are great ways to obtain more storage out of your vertical space. Additionally, you can also make good use out of medicine cabinets to help with storing all of your necessary medical supplies.


Customized Accessories

There is no such things as a “one size fits all” storage solution for any space in any home. This is where customized accessories, such as pull-out inserts or specialized drawer organizers, come into play, especially in your bathroom. For instance, a pull-out laundry basket, similar to the one photographed below, is perfect for storing dirty laundry until it is time for everything to be washed.


Shower Storage

No one wants to end up tripping over shampoo bottles or soap whenever they enter or exit the shower. This makes built-in shower storage options, which can include ledges, shelves, or other niches, especially important.


Regardless of the storage options that you select for your bathroom, your floor and counter tops will always be kept free of clutter. Furthermore, you will always be able to find everything you need since the entire space will be kept well-organized.