How to choose the Best Colour for Entryway French Doors?


When someone comes to meet you for the very first time at your home, the first thing they usually notice is the entry door of your home. It either impresses them or fails to impress them.

So, it plays a key role in forming an opinion about your choices and tastes in people’s minds. You cannot afford to choose a door that doesn’t suit your style. One thing that matters most while selecting an entry door is its colour.

Here, we will try to help you on deciding the colour for it. Read on to know more.

How to Choose the Ideal Colour?

Style and Colours

While choosing the right choices, you should know that the colour of the French door needs to match the entire style of the house. Therefore, if you live in a classically designed home, you need to opt for a simple palette.

In contrast, if you have a contemporary home, the sky is literally the limit. Just be sure to keep things complimentary and consistent.


Surroundings Matter

The surroundings around the French door in your entryway matter a lot too. The door should look like a part of the surroundings rather than looking weird or too different.

For instance, if you have opted for having loads of plants and shrubs near the entryway, you should choose a door that is made up of wood or looks the colour of wood to let it blend in the design. Going green is also a good choice.

You Matter

When someone enters your home, they should have a vague idea about your personality by looking at the entryway French doors. If you are a traditionalist, you can depict that by opting for brown.

Here’s a list of most popular colour options that people use to paint the French doors in their entryway. Kindly have a look at all of these and the feelings they represent before you choose one for your house.

  • Yellow

People who have a sunny and cheerful disposition should opt for it. It also defines happiness, welcoming nature, warmth and high energy. It can add brightness to the gloomy exterior of a house.

  • Bright Red

Bright red colour represents passion, power, and strength. When you add it to the entry of your home, you make a bold statement that you are unique.

  • Deep Red

When you opt for this colour for the French doors, you are offering a more sophisticated and refined view of your personality. It works as wonderfully as neutrals.

  • Orange

Use only small doses of this option and that too only if you have other complementing tones right. Using this colour is a risk that can go very wrong so be cautious while trying this extraordinary option. Used right, it can make your house look welcoming and modern.

  • Green

Lime, mint or olive, all are great choices for any French door that wish to represent the surrounding landscape in an ideal manner. Go for it nature lovers!!

  • Blue

Mix bright blue with a neutral colour to create an unexpected entryway for your house. It can really work nicely.

  • Purple

Warm and cool tones of purple are always recommended over the bright ones. It can complement any exterior design if used wisely and scarcely.

  • Black

It is a classic option that needs to be glossy to depict how classy your choices can be.

Decided what you want for your entryway French door yet? Do let us know what you selected by commenting on this blog. We’ll be waiting for your responses.